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St. John’s United Church has been a healthy and growing community since it formed one church out of two n the 1970’s, showing great courage in the face of change.  The Presbyterian Church of the Dunes was losing its property due to the expansion of the national parks.  Searching in the nearby town of Chesterton for a new home, they found in St. John’s United Church of Christ a kindred spirit.  The idea to merge and become one congregation was put to a vote, and passed overwhelmingly.

Today, the concept of welcome is one of the foremost values of St. Johns United Church, and for visitors and guests, this sense of welcome is seen and felt.  The church is a group of people who accept each other, no matter who they are.  Recently, another congregational vote was held to become an Open and Affirming congregation, which means we welcome all people into our community, regardless of race, background, or sexual orientation.  Once again, the vote passed overwhelmingly.  The Open and Affirming Statement of St. John’s Unitec Church reads:

As disciples of Jesus, we proclaim His good news to all persons regardless of race, ethnicity, age, ability, citizenship, gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity, welcoming all people to His table.

Given the history of discrimination by The Church, we especially proclaim this welcome to LGBTQ people (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and those fluid in gender or sexuality.)

All are welcome to participate fully in the life of Jesus Christ here at St. John’s United Church, according to God-given gifts and abilities, and regardless of identity.

Come Holy Spirit!